Tunnels & Galleries

We manufacture complete formwork and custom made solutions for the tunnel lining or a specific section of it.

Piers & Capitals

Capitals and vertical pier formworks could be manufactured any shape and size. Their design and quality must be very meticulous for the success of the project.

Circular & Custom Pannels

We can make any type of circular section and custom pannels whatever the radius and height.

Special Works

We have manufactured a multitude of structures with very diverse engineering. The materials we use are mainly stainless steel and carbon steel with different finishes.

Transport Carriers

We carry out the production of all types of carriers. Whether they are cantilevers, the quality of our projects is a guarantee of safety.

3 Dimensionals Structures

We carry out projects beyond the conventional structures of the market whatever the size, weight, length and height of the work.

Complete development of the production process

  • 01.

    ENGINEERING: We provide answers to all engineering needs without dimensions limits. We develop all type of projects.

  • 02.

    ASSEMBLY & WELDING: We have a qualified team especialized with the lastest techniques in the market.

  • 03.

    SHOT BLASTING: For surface treatment by impact with which an excellent degree of surface preparation can be achieved.

  • 04.

    PAINTING: We have implemented new painting processes that increase the quality of the final product.

Services Caldibe
Services Caldibe

Experts in customized structures

Safety, simplicity, cost and time-saving are our requirements on every proyect.


Our production processes are governed by strict quality standars that are reflected in the final project. All our clients knows that a job made by Caldibe is synonymous with a job well done.



After 30 years in the sector, Caldibe has forged a high value positioning within the formwork and metal structure market. The Caldibe brand is recognized nationally and increasingly internationally.



We have an analysis and development department that manages the manufacturing process by measuring delivery time to ensure that they are reliable and real.

Some of our works