Custom structures

Steel moulds for staircases

These carbon steel moulds allow for ready-made flights of stairs, speeding up the construction process of any project. The length, width, height and number of steps are established according to the customer's needs. These moulds are made of carbon steel to guarantee their durability and the quality of the foundations. It is the perfect solution for buildings, residential constructions and works with height requirements.

Specifications: This type of formwork has its own peculiarities that make it different from other types of formwork.

1.- Resistance: This mould is intended for reuse.Its useful life is longer, which implies greater resistance and higher quality levels than other moulds.

2.- Engineering: Depending on the size of the staircase, number of steps and other requirements, the mould is designed with special attention to minimise the volume of joints for an optimal result.

3.- Production phases: 4 parameters are measured in these moulds: design, formwork, stripping and transport. We cover all phases of the project.
However, if you need a custom-made staircase, we can also manufacture it.

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  • Caldibe
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  • Date Created
  • 2019